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Dr. Teresa (Terry) Sommese is a board-certified specialist in Aerospace and Occupational Medicine, and an FAA Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). She served 21 years from 1982 to 2003 in the United States Air Force as a Flight Surgeon and was an Aerospace Medicine Squadron Commander at Charleston Air Force Base. She retired in Washington, DC working as an associate professor at the Uniformed Services School of Medicine where she taught International Health. Dr. Sommese has over 2,000 hours of aeromedical flying experience in 40 different aircraft and is a licensed private pilot.  After her distinguished career in the Air Force, Dr. Sommese has worked as a Medical Director and clinician, most recently as an occupational health physician at Naval Health Clinic Charleston.   She is also a Certified Medical Examiner for the Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Dr. Sommese received her MD degree from the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and her MPH from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She completed her residency at the Brooks School of Aerospace Medicine.





Exam consists of:


Medical History Review

Vital signs

Distant and near vision (bring glasses or contacts)

Urine check for sugar and protein

Focused physical exam


Summary of Medical Standards 

Please Call Dr. Sommese about any past or present medical conditions before filling out the Medxpress-any questions at all regarding your medical history should be discussed with Dr. Sommese before completing the Medxpress. 

Cash payments preferred: $10 to $20 discount.

All credit cards taken

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Basic Med/DOT
Merchant Mariner


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Government picture ID

-FAA MedXpress confirmation number FAA Med Xpress

Please text your Medxpress number to 703 623 9696 in advance of your appt. 

FAA MedXPress Application Required.


FAA MedXPress is a web application pilots must use to submit their certification applicant information (Items 1 through 20) of the FAA Form 8500-8. Pilots need only a valid email address to create a MedXPress account to use FAA MedXPress. MedXPress is designed to expedite the processing of a pilot’s request for certification and shorten the pilot’s office visit with the AME.

As of October 1, 2012, pilots are required to use MedXPress.

Before scheduling your appointment, we want to confirm that you have filled out the MedXPress application.

-Current FAA Medical Certification

-Copy of your Special Issuance Letter

-Medical documentation of treatment and resolution of any significant medical condition that may be disqualifying. (See website under Sport Pilot Medical Requirements section for description of any potential disqualifying medical conditions).

Basic Med exams do not need a Med Xpress application!!




Tuesday 4-7 pm
Thursday 4-7 pm
Friday 9 - 11 am

Dr Sommese has flexiblity to do exams on Monday, Wednesday and Friday late afternoons with advance notice.

If Dr. Sommese is booked please contact her on her cell at  703 623 9696  or and she can add additional appointments. 

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