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What medical conditions are disqualifing by the FAA?

I highly recommend going to the website and looking under medical certifications to see what past or present medical conditions and medications are disqualifying by the FAA before completing your Medxpress application. Once you have noted in the application any medical issues the FAA will have this information forever!! Sometimes it is just a simple matter of substituing one medication for another that is allowed. For example, if you take zyrtec for allergies this is not allowed by the FAA. If you can take claritin or allegra instead then these medications are acceptable to the FAA. If you list a medication that is not allowed on your application then you will need to get a statement from your treating physician that you are no longer taking the disqualifing medication and this statement will be mailed to the FAA. This will delay your certification by at least a month or more!!! Please call me or email me prior to completing the Medxpress application and we can discuss your medical issues and what to put into the application ahead of time. Once you submit the Medxpress form you cannot edit it again. Thanks. My goal is to keep everyone flying! Dr. Sommese or (703) 623 9696

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